Yamatji Business Support

Yamatji Business Support (“YBS”) is a not-for-profit operational unit operating in YSRC under Clause 12 of the YN ILUA to Support Yamatji Nation People to set up new businesses or improve existing businesses. The YBS Team currently consists of a YBS Manager (Vu Phan) and YBS Administrator (Abby Shiozaki).

YBS funding was provided by DPIRD for the total sum of $5,000,000.00 over a five-year period which will be put into the Joint Trustees as per clause 12 of the YN ILUA.

YBS will facilitate support to existing Yamatji individuals or existing Yamatji Businesses who have a traditional connection within the ILUA area aligning with the following three pillars:

  • Business Incubation Support (“Incubation Support”);
  • Support and link to Regional Procurement and Partnership Opportunities (“Workforce Opportunities”); and/or
  • Support and link up with existing organisations for training or expert advice (“Training / Expert Advice”).

If you meet the criteria and want to engage with the YBS services, give the team a call on (08) 9934 6890 or email businessadmin@ysrc.com.au