Widi Mob

Cultural Committee Representatives

  • Julie Lewis
  • Kimberly Lewis
  • Donna Atkins
  • Beverley Slater
  • Darryl Fogarty
  • Graham Fogarty
Widi Mob Cultural Committee is a great opportunity to get involved and represent your community!
Being part of Cultural Committee as a representative you are expected to contribute advise on important topics and issues such as,
☑️ Proposed new management plans or amendments to management plans for the Yamatji Conservation Estate
☑️Lands, Water and Heritage
☑️Cultural & Community Expectations
Planning and engaging with our community is an important part of this role of being on the committee. Our representatives are expected to be available to attend all meetings throughout the year. 
The Cultural Committee members are endorsed by the Widi Mob Cultural Committee.
(Tenure till 2025) 


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