Yamatji Business Register

Yamatji Southern Regional Corporation Ltd (YSRC) engages increasingly with the Federal, State and Local Governments and private organizations (Clients) through its heritage and enterprises operations as well as its significant stakeholder role in the Midwest region.

A number of these clients are looking to work with Yamatji businesses. The Yamatji Business Register is a free service that links Yamatji businesses operating in the Mid-West Region and elsewhere with potential Clients.

YSRC’s role is to:

  • Verify businesses that are majority Yamatji owned and operated.
  • Maintain a publicly available list of these businesses along with relevant business details on the YSRC web site; and
  • Encourage parties to access the panel.

The Business Development Unit will also send out an ‘Opportunities list’ to the businesses on the Yamatji Business Register with any grants/tenders/contracts they become aware of.

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