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YSRC Welcomes New CEO Rebecca Girdwood

4 April 2023

New CEO Rebecca Girdwood in a green blazer with a white shirt and shoulder length blonde hair

New CEO Rebecca Girdwood

The Board of YSRC is excited to announce the appointment of Rebecca Girdwood as the new CEO of our Corporation commencing on the 28 March 2023.

After an extensive search and interview process, the Board is confident that Rebecca is the ideal candidate to lead the organisation to the next level of success. Her calm, articulate, and kind demeanor, coupled with her extensive experience in several industries including State and Federal Government, Mining, Property, and Banking and Finance, make her the perfect fit for the role.

Rebecca demonstrates a deep understanding of the key requirements of skills, experiences, and attributes necessary to lead the Corporation effectively. She has a proven track record of success in strategy development, environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG), community relations, managing large complex companies, budgets and resources, sound commercial and economic acumen, and well-developed leadership capabilities.

In addition to her impressive professional background, Rebecca has a wide experience and network across several industries which will be beneficial to the Corporation. She has demonstrated excellent communication and stakeholder engagement skills and has shown great resilience throughout her career.

We are confident that she will provide strong leadership to our organization as we continue to grow.

Please join us in welcoming Rebecca to our Corporation. We are excited to work with her and see the great things she will accomplish.